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Why Some of the African Countries are not Developing

Here I am running a sports event for local Acholi children

               Some leaders in some parts of Africa are practising corruption in a country, which makes the standard of the development lowered  down in a country simply because they might think that they are the leader so they can use their idea or create their own idea which people don’t like and they are against it.
            They make the people to migrate from some area of the land so that they can plan for what they think can solve their problem on that piece of land
and they also over charge the people to pay a lot of tax and they convert the money in to other thing instead of providing the good social services to people they provide poor social services like poor hospital, poor school etc..
                 This is the most serious problem affecting some of the African countries.  They are not developing higher because people lost their life and others lost their identity, simply because were broken from their family hence leading to population decrease in a country. The young generation also lost their life and these are the ones who are supposed to bring change in a country and achieve what they can do to develop it in the future so that the people should live peacefully.
                They also lower the standard of education.this is simply because people were  not getting good quality education and were unable to achieve what they wanted to do in their future.
                 It also led to the migration of people from rural to urban areas, where they will face a lot of problems like
—they lack good accommodation
.–they lack money to pay some children to school
—they lack good care whereby people are moving on their own
            Some people who work in other office don’t have good knowledge and skill on how to manage to control the office. They can not allow any person to be considered for office work and that is why very many people who finish their studies cannot find a job.  They remain out of employment meaning jobless which does not help in the improvement of the country in the form of development.   So they need to support others also to be considered as a worker, so that the country can be improve, encouraging others to be interested in study .