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Using Eucalyptus Profits for School Requirements

Manisuli - Butterfly Pioneer member

I am Manisuli Miyingo a member of the butterfly project, and am 14 years old and I live in Nansana, Wakiso district and I go schooling at St Micheal International Secondary School. I joined  the Butterfly Project in the year of 2009 when I was 12. In this period of time I managed to start my own projects through which which life in Uganda can be changed. These include – The computer training and the eucalyptus trees planting, more information on these projects is below.


I am a manager and the director of this project  which is located in central Uganda, Rakai district. This project started in the year of 2009 in the month of February. I started this project with young boy called Bashir whom I asked to do a collabo with with me because he stays in that area. He did a great job of looking after the trees and fetching water for watering the young trees. We started this project with only 200 young trees and now we are having 1052 trees. This project has helped 20 children who were working in the scrap collecting industry to be back in schools because some were not schooling because they were having no school needs, so I decided that the money we got from some of the trees that have already grown we can use it to buy those things to these children in order for these kids to go back to school yet the schools in that area are for the government. And the rest of the money can be used in buying more trees for this project to expand.


Manisuli teaching Young Social Entrepreneur Members in December 2010

This project was also started by me in the year of 2010. This project is located in Nansana, Wakiso district 8miles from Kampala along hoima road. This project started with only 3members and now it has 20members and I would like to have more than that number. This project was started to help kids in Nansana get some computing skills which will be useful for them in their future because now days many jobs in Uganda need some computer skills, so I decided to start this computer training to help kids learn computer when they are still young so that when they grow up they don’t find any problem. I would like to be using my own computers for this project but I don’t know how I can manage it yet as the price of computers are so expensive.

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