Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Today Determines your Tomorrow by Peter Akena (14)

IMG_1051sMy name is Akena Peter and I am a member of the Butterfly North.  I want to write today to tell you about my passions and how I believe that dreams can come true.

My passion is to be a doctor (a medical doctor or maybe a brain doctor) because your day determines your tomorrow and that dreams can come true.  It requires concentration on what you have to do, putting much effort on science, like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

My passion is not only to become a doctor but to be a doctor who is also a changemaker, who brings positive changes to people’s lives by emphasizing on social enterprise and encouraging them to do business.

I want to change the world with tree-planting i.e. putting forth afforestation and discouraging deforestation because without trees there would be no good supply of oxygen and rainfall because of vegetation.

My passion is also to help set up an organisation or project which would help empower young social youth to create change in their community.  I want to make the world a better place to live in and sensitise people to use the available resources they have to earn a living i.e. using and re-using resources to make money.

I say together we can all join hands and make this happen and I say this for God and my Country.