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The World of Fashion can Change Lives in Uganda – Gilbert, 16

Does anyone know that Fashion is art? – yes it is art indeed. I have been running this within me even without anyone noticing, whenever I get some free time I would grab a pen and a paper and start designing some small drawings and I would dress them up with some very nice collection of clothes. A number of people who have seen them like them and think they are good, in fact one of my classmmates Phiona had one of my designs made for her for Christmas last year!   I didn’t charge her but I was honoured to see that she was ready to have one of my small cartoon designs made for her.   Some others think that if I take these to some fashion designers in their right drawings that I might end up making some money, so I am blogging here to ask advice from people, to find out how designers design their clothes and how I should be drawing my designs  in a right way.

Would anyone know or have a copy of how designers draw their clothes designs?

Here are mine:


ImageImageImageAnd then this holiday I decided to do some fashion by organizing a fashion show for the Acholi kids. It was on Saturday and definitely the kids enjoyed themselves even if most of those that we expected to be part of the show had been back in school. This was a very wonderful experience for the girls and since they were passionate about what they were doing I plan to work more with then on fashion as time comes but for now I have got to find out how fashion designers sketch their drawings. Below here are the models in some of the clothes they showcased during the fashion show…

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