Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

The Giraffe and the Sour Grapes


There is a story about one giraffe that wanted to eat grapes so it went over to the nearest tree but this tree was very tall so it tried picking these grapes but it failed and indeed they looked very ripe and beautiful. When it failed this giraffe stated that these grapes may even be sour but they weren’t and thus that is how Africa has been running and to some point that’s a reason why some Africans are still behind in terms of development. People always want to know where potentials lie and at times say that is meant for the White man with an extraordinary brain but yet potentials lie within us and our brain is no less capable.
If we have the ability to start corruption that means we also have the ability to fight corruption. I always hear people say that if I get the opportunity to fly to Europe I will never come back to Africa and this hurts because we have failed to develop our country and continent.  The Blackman today lacks integrity and some point that’s a reason why countries like Uganda are still languishing behind in terms of development. If we could train the young generation how to value integrity then I believe that Uganda will become equally developed.  Indeed if our leaders had integrity then there would be no corruption.

Philip (15) from the Butterfly Project

The concept behind success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily just like in class the concept behind doing Maths is not to pass but to discover and learn more and even though you made a research in all schools here in Uganda only between 5-10% would tell you that.

I, Mudoko Philip Deweyi, would like to be a person that is an inspirational writer and a public speaker because it’s a passion and a potential that lies within me to take Uganda to another level through my speeches and writings, using the selflessness of social enterprise as my guide. To be precise I believe that “Inspire to aspire before you despise”. Long may social enterprise be part of our development in Uganda.

Philip Deweyi is 15 and a member of the Butterfly Project to develop young social entrepreneurs.