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Slum Run 2013 The annual Slum run 2013 has been a great success, here in Kampala and in Birmingham, where our      supporters ran at the same time with us .I had 27 slum kids participants and they managed to             complete the race without fail. The race started at 10:00 am and everyone started at the same time  but everyone finished at different time, as you know it’s all bout the most gifted person .
The running here was so competitive as everyone was looking forward to winning the the Ola Peter Cup 2013-( Ola peter was a great boy who was part of us but died in the stone Quarry), so the cup was designed to remember him. We had four different races which all took place concurrently: Group A who were 15 and over, Group B 12-14  years, group C were Under 12 and the girls race.
Runners setting off for their first go.

Runners setting off for their first go.

The four winners of the race were: Richard Tabule, Gloria Ayaa,  Amoni Sisto and Isaac Okot. Richard Tabule was the over roll winner of the Ola Peter Cup because he became top of everyone else. It took him a hard time to achieve such a great honour because he was being stressed by his opponent James Ochola( a brother to the late Ola Peter). Although James didn’t wine the Ola Peter cup, he is still one of the best runners in Project Circulate and he has won several awards at different occasions.
Ola Peter's Parents presenting the Cup to Richard Tabule.

Ola Peter’s Parents presenting the Cup to Richard Tabule

Gloria Ayaa is also a sister to James Ochala,  she is one of the youngest kids in projects Circulate. Even at age 11 she  beat all the boys in her age group except  for two. Gloria is clearly a promising athletic talent who might become an internal female athlete.

Gloria(Left) With other girls she participated with.

Gloria(Left) With other girls who participated in the run.

Okot was the winner of group B, Participants, he is not only talented in running but also he is a computer trainer in our centre.

Isaac (right) Racing with Denis.

Isaac Okot (right) Racing with Denis.

Amoni  Sisto has discovered himself through the slum run. He  was the first runner young runner back,  which made him extremely happy and motivated.

Amoni Breathing in and out after the run.

Amoni Breathing in and out after the run.

Here it’s all about the slum, so the running route is: dusty, stony, holy and somehow congested with people and houses inch to inch. This was the first ever run the members ran with shoes.Thanks to our supporters because this helped to minimize the injuries these kids would get running without shoes in such a location.
Everyone has the shoes to run safely.

Everyone has the shoes to run safely.

I feel that the slum run is becoming something which makes these kids proud and somehow makes them feel less deprived. The participants who have participated in this year’s run have got a chance of being prevented working in the quarry thus their lives are a bit secure.So the Slum run campaign is looking at getting every young person to live a desirable life. We are trying to reach in other disadvantaged areas of Uganda including remote villages. This run is perhaps going to be something done across the world to help the children in need.
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location. Acholi Quarters-Kampala.

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