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How to Support the Development of Young Social Entrepreneurs in Uganda

CYEN regularly supports Chrysalis, an organisation in Uganda founded in 2010, that was set up to train young people from remote villages and impoverished slum areas to become social entrepreneurs.  They currently have 30 young people that are supported by individuals and schools from all around the world.
We are currently looking for sponsors for 13 new young Butterfly members from the latest cohort:
Left to right, top to bottom
Daniel Ayella – 13 – sponsored for school
Innocent Akera – 14 – sponsored for school
Mary Amito – 14 – sponsored for school
Innocent Rubangakene – 15 – sponsored for school
Ben Olara – 12 – sponsored for school
Genesis Agonorwot – 15 – sponsored for school
Rose Aloyo – 14 – sponsored for school
Sandry Ayella – 14 – sponsored for school
Susan Akanyo – 14 – sponsored for school
Francis Ogen – 12 – sponsored for school
Ronald Otema – 14 – sponsored for school
Sione Otim – 14 – sponsored for school
Susan Lagum – 13 – sponsored for school
We are still looking for sponsors for four Cohort 3 members.


Kenneth Ochola is 15 and lives in the Acholi Quarter slum area.  He is a young man of high integrity and ideas and has been a previous editor for the Acholi Quarter Youth News.

These days his interest lies in computing and board games and earlier this year he taught children in rural Gulu how to play some of the more complex board games, like Ticket to Ride.

This year Kenneth is planning to set up a boardgame and computer game ideas group, where young people can learn how to design games and perhaps learn the skills of programming, where there is a huge international need.

Kenneth has had a tough year this year and has an impressive strength of character, as well as a charisma, that will help him become a leader amongst his peers.  He needs a sponsor urgently this year to ensure his continuing education and participation on the project.

You can sponsor Kenneth’s schooling for £25/month


Patrick Aikonia is just 15 and an amazing creative talent and problem-solver.

His village roleplaying project this year has captured the imagination of many people around the world this year, yet he still doesn’t have a sponsor for his school requirements and participation in the Butterfly Project.

Patrick is very likeable and thoughtful and also has fast-improving computer skills.  He is one to watch, as he moves into secondary school this year.  Can you support him, as he progresses through his education?


Brian Opio is now 17 and becoming an accomplished artist and graphic designer/programmer.

Brian is a very ethical young man, who has embraced the ideas of being a changemaker.  He lives in Gulu and wants to become a professional artist, as he grows up.

Brian has become involved in taekwondo over the last two years and worked with Ugandan professional artists.  He has trained in robotics programming with Ashoka Fellow Solomon King this January but would be interested to have a sponsor with art and/or graphic design experience.

Brian is now sponsored for school.  His training can be sponsored for £20/month

An example of Brian’s artwork









Beckham Okema is just 14 and is our youngest member of the third Cohort and perhaps one of the most brilliant.  He has been supporting with the Worldwide Connection Project in Uganda and liaises with local community centres that work with children suffering from Nodding Disease, as his sister does.  The cause of this disease is not yet known and Beckham hopes to assist in confirming this.

He is also a big computer games fan and this year wants to set up a games cafe in Lira, to encourage more children into using computers and will use this outreach to train them in basic computing skills.

Beckham is an excellent communicator and will be a frequent friend on Facebook to any who might sponsor him.


If you are able to set up a direct debit for either or both parts of their training, then please refer to the bank account details below.


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