Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Sponsor a Young Social Entrepreneur

This year we need sponsorship for new members of the Butterfly Project from remote rural areas in Omoro District, the area where the war in Northern Uganda started up – you may remember Joseph Kony, who started this war with the rest of Uganda and was cited as the World’s most wanted man, though he is still at large somewhere.

We have mostly recruited children from our village boardgame clubs, which we have been operating now since 2017.  Children identify themselves as problem-solvers, planners and above average academically, when they join our clubs.   We then test their abilities and select a small number each year to train to be social entrepreneurs.

We need £30 per month for each new member this year and a further £30 for their boarding and training costs and we need support for either or both for each member.  Our training programme includes sessions on social enterprise and entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork, ethics and transparency, how to manage a project, vision development, world issues and many others.  We often use film to broaden horizons, as we have a well-equipped training suite at our centre in Kampala.

International and UK sponsors can either pay through Justgiving  or set up a direct debit to our bank account – details at the the bottom of the page of this link