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Slum Run Route Announced in Birmingham, UK – 12th August 2012 – 2.00pm

This week, the UK Slum Run 2012 route was announced for the participant runners, interested in sponsoring child athletes in the slums of Uganda.  These children are running 10,000m through their slum and people in the UK are following their example and at the same time raising sponsorship for their school fees.

Children in slums rarely have schools where they can have free education, despite the government’s commitment to Universal Primary Education.  Even those children attending the state school must find 40,000 shillings per term, to add to their costs for books, pens etc.

The Small Heath route was devised by Ian Godfree, a veteran of the London Marathon and also an enthusiastic supporter of children in Africa.  “The route is quite flat and is safe, though we will have marshals at the main roadcrossing points.  There is a slight incline, but I designed the route to be suitable for people of any age to walk or run at least one circuit.  Participates can run or walk from 1 to 5 circuits, as 10,000m is quite a long distance!”

Click to buy a T-shirt – £12 inc. postage – please specify size

It’s not a race and there are no prizes, but there will be food available for participants, perhaps even some African-themed.  If you would like a sponsorship form and a T-shirt, then you can get one from this link.  Deadline for a T-shirt is early August, so make sure you get one early.

The Slum Runners will be joining the hosts, the Bethel Health and Healing Network, who operate from Small Heath Baptist Church and also run a regular Healthy Living Walk for Small Heath residents on Thursday lunchtimes, as well as doing other activities like Bhangra.  If you live in the area, why not check out their healthy living activities?

Many more spaces on the run, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you or a group of you would like to run, or even walk to help slum children in Uganda.  write to this email.

Sponsoring one of the kids is easy, just click here to donate through Paypal.  It is in $, but we will receive in £.

Please gather at Small Heath Baptist Church by 1.30pm Sunday 12th August for the event, which starts at 2.00pm promptly