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Slum Run 2013 – Find out how you can participate

Slum Run 2013

The Slum Run is a unique event held both in Uganda and in the UK concurrently, where people run to support children growing up in the slums of Kampala.  It was born out of the ideas of Butterfly Project member Francis Ssuuna, now 18, and the runners in Uganda are mainly from his athletics club, known as Project Circulate.

Francis Ssuuna (17) - founder of the Slum Run

Francis Ssuuna (17) – founder of the Slum Run

He called it “Circulate” because he believed it helped the blood circulate around the body, but also because the runners actually trained on a circular circuit, which Francis and another Butterfly Project member, Samuel Lubangakene devised.  The slum circuit is 2km and on the day of the run, the young athletes will run five circuits or 10,000m.

We have devised a very similar road circuit in Small Heath, Birmingham, also of 2km and we also encourage others to set up a similar run in their area and invite people interested in the welfare of children living in Uganda to sponsor them to run (or walk) 1 – 5 circuits.

This year we are also partnering with Boys’ Brigade, Birmingham, to support their work amongst disadvantaged youth in Birmingham and their runners will be running not just for Uganda, but for equivalent youth in Britain.

The 25 participating runners

The 25 participating runners

In Uganda we have 25 runners, including four girls for the first time, who will be running the circuit.  We need to find £25 to sponsor each runner, which will cover:

– A Slum Run T shirt

– Educational support (£15)

– Food and water before, during and after the run

– Running shoes

– Certificates

If you would like to support our runners, then click below for Paypal.



Over the forthcoming weeks, we will be introducing you to our runners and we encourage you to find one, which you would like to find out more about.  Every child is a member of the Chrysalis Centre and we support them in a variety of ways:


1. Every member can come to the open clubs that we have on Sunday afternoons.

2. Every member can attend a weekly club, tailored to their specific talents

3. Full members can use the centre computers and many are registered on Funtyper, a wonderful programme that makes learning to type competitive and fun.

Boys racing for their position in the Slum Run

Boys racing for their position in the Slum Run

4. Some members take part in specialist ICT training or are invited to attend workshops in Kampala, tailored to thier individual abilities, whether it is dance, drama, ICT, sport, creativity and art or music, for example.

All the children live in or near the Acholi Quarter slum district, an area given to families fleeing from Joseph Kony, during the war in Northern Uganda.  Most have seen incredible hardship and it is rare that our members are able to attend school, without some level of support.  A recent survey showed that only 1 in our 40 runners had school shoes and most were missing books and pens, even if they were being sponsored for their school fees.

So, we hope you follow this project as it builds over the next few weeks.  There will be many photographs and even films of the children as they prepare for the run.

Lastly, if you would like to contact us, then please write to   Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network is the charity managing the Slum Run, so donations will attract gift aid,