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Slum Run 2012 – Ugandan Runners Announced for Sponsorship – Group A

Every member of the Slum Run 2012 in Uganda is a tested young athlete, that we have been working with for at least a year, so we can be sure that they have the capability to run 10,000m.  Also, every youngster needs our support, either for his schooling or for his school needs.  If you are a Ugandan, then you can support any of the kids by emailing us at this email address with your telephone number and the young person that you would like to sponsor – we will contact you with a means to sponsor.  If you have a Paypal account, then you can click on this link:

You can use this button for any of the runners below – just remember to state which runner you would prefer to support.  Note, if one is oversubscribed, the money will be split evenly across all runners.  You can support via cheque by making it out to Social Enterprise Africa CIC and sending to 31 Prince of Wales Lane, Birmingham, B14 4LB

Name: Ola Peter Age: 13

  • Class: Year 4
  • Olympics: Captain Team USA
  • Best event: Long distance
  • Best time 800m: 2.00 minutes

Peter is an astonishing runner, with amazing endurance, but also a very kind boy, who is quiet but popular.  He doesn’t do well at school, because of difficulties with paying school fees and requirements, but he is bright, with a lot of potential.  Peter and his brother work often in the stone quarry, breaking stones to earn money, which can be less than $1 for 12 hours work.Peter has been with Project Circulate Athletics Club since the beginning in 2010 and he has won many medals and certificates for his running ability.

Name: Alfred Age:15

  • Class: Year 7
  • Olympics: Team Uganda
  • Best event: Long distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m20

Alfred is the Athletics team captain, because he is respected by the other members of the Project Circulate Athletics Club.  Alfred is keen on computing and has his own Facebook account and has always supported the Project Circulate since it started in 2010.  Alfred is shy but intelligent and he has never had to repeat any years at school.  His schooling is still behind, though and his family will find it hard to raise the money for his senior school education next year.  Alfred is very sensible, though he used to collect scrap with his brother, just to find money to eat and buy clothes for school.  He is a very good runner and leads the athletics team very well.  He speaks good English.

Samuel – Aged 15

  • Class: Year 7
  • Olympics: Captain – Team Uganda
  • Best event: Middle Distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m00

Samuel is a very clever boy, though like Alfred he has left school until late and thus is older than some of his peers.  More than most children in the Acholi Quarter, Samuel knows the difference between right and wrong and is a credit to his parents, who struggle to support his education.  For many years Samuel has been involved in the stone quarry, like Peter, as his family owned a plot there, but recently he decided he should no longer be there and he has become part of our “Chicken for Change” project, which has been designed to encourage stone quarry children to earn money from different sources – in this case poultry.  Samuel speaks excellent english and is becoming familiar with computing at the Chrysalis Centre.  He is an ethical boy with very strong capabilities in a whole variety of areas.  He is a formidable runner and recently gave Peter a close run, in the warm-up to the Slum Run 2012.

Isma – aged 14

  • Class: Year 7
  • Olympics: Captain – Team Brazil
  • Best event: Middle Distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m40

Isma is very successful at school and is very near the top of the class in Year 7.  He is very quick on the uptake and can learn things very quickly.  He lacks a bit of confidence sometimes, though and is good friends with Alfred and Samuel.  Isma was the one who saved the Chrysalis Centre cat, Colin, as a blind kitten, who is now thriving, eating fish every day!  Isma is not such an exceptional runner, but he is a problem-solver and  can always be relied upon to be ready on time and well-prepared.

  • Class: Year 2
  • Olympics: Captain – Team GB
  • Best event: Middle Distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m20

Gerrard – aged 13

Gerrard is a fantastic runner for his age and has won medals at international runs, winning prizes and certificates. However, he is really very disadvantaged, living with his grandmother amongst many children of all different ages. Gerrard speaks barely any English, but he has proved that he can learn very quickly and is a very good reader, despite being only in Year 2 of school. His family cannot support his education at all and Gerrard is not used to going to school. As he gets older, the problem becomes worse, as he also becomes the oldest in the class. Gerrard is also very musically gifted and certainly has other talents which remain undiscovered, due to his lack of education. Gerrard also struggles for food often and we need a proper sponsor for him ongoing, that can support him to achieve his potential, but for now, Gerrard would be satisfied with a sponsor to get him into school next term.

Simon Peter – Age 14

  • Class: Year 6
  • Olympics: Captain – Team Uganda
  • Best event: Long Distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m50

Simon Peter – aged 14

Simon Peter is Samuel’s brother. They look very alike, but they are quite different. They are both very kind and ethical young people, but Simon Peter’s skills lie in the arts more than sports. He has run 5,000m before and will do well in the Slum Run 2012, but he can paint and he is a very creative and capable dancer, that shone when Butterfly member Gilbert was running the Butterfly Music Club in Kireka. Simon Peter strives to be a good person and always behaves impeccably, is reliable and popular. He attends the worst school in the area because of problems with school fees and I hope we can find him a sponsor, so he can attend a better school and achieve good results.

There will be more runners detailed in part two of this post.

Remember, all money raised goes directly to the student, so that it can be used for their education. We choose only those children that can be trusted to use the money correctly to participate in the Run.