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Slum Run 2012 – Uganda Runners Announced – Group C

This group of runners have earned their qualification in the Slum Run through devotion to the Chrysalis Centre, either as a youth leader (Samuel Lubangakene) or regular member, Eric and Ojepan.  All are good athletes and run regularly in Project Circulate, the athletics club run by Francis Ssuuna (17), who has been organising the Slum Run 2012.

To sponsor any of these athletes, click here – all money will go to the education and development of the kids in the slum run.

Here are the details of the latest qualifiers:


  • Class: Year 7
  • Olympics: Organiser
  • Best event: Middle distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m30

Samuel – aged 16

Samuel has been a member of the Butterfly Project since 2009 and has proved himself to be a capable young social entrepreneur, through his “Posho and Beans” campaign for children living in the Acholi Quarter.  Samuel is a brilliant artist and has been using beans and posho (ground maize) to create pictures, which stimulate people to think about bringing more varied and nutritious food for children.

Like most Butterfly members, Samuel is among the most disadvantaged members of society and he lives in the Acholi Quarter, like all of the runners in athletics project.  Samuel has also been assisting Francis with his project, recruiting members and also making the squash every day the kids run.  Samuel’s younger brother, Joseph, has recently been sent back to his village due to inability to pay fees and next year, as Samuel moves into Senior, he has been told he will have to go to the village next year without a sponsor.  We can help him continue his education, by supporting his fees through the Slum Run 2012.


  • Class: Year 5
  • Olympics: Team Brazil
  • Best event: Sprints
  • Best time 800m: 2m40

Ojepan – aged 13

Ojepan (or Derrick) is another phenomenal artist, who we are fortunate to have as a member of the Chrysalis Centre.  Until last year, Ojepan had been schooling in a remote village in Northern Uganda until his father, who has been training our young artists, saw his work with local clay in the village and realised his son was amazingly talented and brought him to Kampala.

Ojepan never learnt English in the village, but has started to pick it up, now he is schooling in Kampala, but his father, John, himself an amazing artist, struggles to find art illustration work in Kampala, which he uses to support his family.  By supporting Ojepan, we can keep him improving his English, but also help his father develop his art business.  If you need illustrations for books, then we can put you in touch.

Ojepan is also a great athlete and can really push himself to succeed, perhaps more than any others in the group.  He has earned his position in the Slum Run, through innate talent and determination and he could go far in whatever event he decides to pursue.


  • Class: Year 4
  • Olympics: Team GB
  • Best event: Long distance
  • Best time 800m: 3m30

    Eric – aged 12

Eric is the youngest of the Slum Run group, yet he has come been part of the Athletics Club since the very first session back in 2010, as an even smaller boy.  Eric doesn’t speak much English, but he hardly ever misses running sessions and is steadily improving his abilities.  He has real endurance and therefore we have confidence in his abilities to run the distance.

He and his brother work consistently in the quarry, because of financial problems in the family, but they are always thoughtful and kind.