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Slum Run 2012 – Uganda Runners Announced – Group B

Stephen – aged 12

Here are three more qualifiers for the Slum Run 2012 – Please click below, if you want to sponsor them ($5 upwards) to run 10,000m for their education.


  • Class:  Year 7
  • Olympics:  Team Uganda
  • Best event: Middle distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m50

Stephen is a very clever boy in his last year at Primary School.  He lives in the Acholi Quarter slum with 3 brothers and two sisters, even though his father has a good job as a librarian at Makerere University.  Stephen wants to study in Kampala as he feels there is no proper education in the North, but he has run into problems recently with school fees, because his father has not been paid regularly.  His mother lacks any education and is not working.  Stephen has also observed the development of tae-kwondo in the Acholi Quarter, one of the sports brought to the slum district by the Chrysalis Centre and run by professional coach, Ahmed Ahaad.  “Firstly local people  thought that we were training to be thieves and we were abused verbally as we were training.  Then we started to attend competitions for free, were given free food, as we travelled all around Kampala and people changed their view.”

“Me, I used to struggle to carry the jerrycan, but now I can carry two and I know I can defend myself, if ever I am attacked by thieves.  In the Acholi Quarter this happens often and children are sometimes even killed by thieves, so this is helpful to us.  Our numbers in the class have grown to 36 and I am one of the best.”

Stephen qualified for the Slum Run 2012 today as the fastest in his heat and it is clear his diligence in training taekwondo has helped him to become a very good runner.

Eric – aged 13


  • Class: Year 7
  • Olympics: Team GB
  • Best event: Middle distance
  • Best  time 800m: 3.00m

Is a very kind and thoughtful boy, very striking in his kindness to others.  He is very popular, but has, in particular, shown very inspirational leadership over the period of time he has been coming to the Chrysalis Centre.  He brought a whole group of boys with him and all have stayed as members and follow Eric’s example and advice.  He was 2nd in his year last term at the best school in the area, but every term fees are a problem, as his father is blind and thus many jobs are impossible for him.  Despite that, he runs a vegetable sales business – cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, bananas –  to support the family and the boys do their best too to earn extra money through breeding rabbits.

Eric is going to run into difficulties next year, as he moves up into Senior School and so really needs a permanent sponsor, but any support for him and his brother will help him achieve his ambitions.

Eric performed 2nd in the Slum Run qualifying today and has run well in a national 5,000m race last year.

Isaac – aged 13


  • Class: Year 6
  • Olympics: Team Uganda
  • Best event: Middle distance
  • Best time 800m: 2m10

Isaac is an Acholi boy of 13, who lives with his mother and she works in a local hotel (a small low quality restaurant) to keep her family to survive.  For many years Isaac has worked in the stone quarry, which for him has been a trial.

“The work in the quarry is too hard.  The sun burns you and they pay you too little money, that you cannot even afford to pay for your school requirements.”

Isaac became the most reliable member of the Chicken for Change Project this year and was very diligent in feeding the chicks until they became laying hens.  He joined Project Circulate last year  and has proved himself to be an excellent runner, with very good times.

Note: any donations go straight to the Acholi Quarter children – there is no administration or intermediary costs.