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Slum Run 2012 – Fundraising Targets and Last Five Runners

The Slum Run event is almost here and the support we have received so far has been really very encouraging – many thanks to those who have supported so far and we are already planning our next Slum Run event.

Each runner in the Slum Run will be sponsored an amount to cover or contribute to their fees.  Each go to different schools and are at different stages to their education, so we are working to support them at 60,000sh each for this.  Each will also receive a Slum Run T-shirt, a nutritious pasta pre-meal, drinks during the Run and fruit after the run, to rehydrate.  This will total around £22 per participant.  For 17 runners our primary target is therefore to reach £374.

Donate here to help us reach our target.

If we can pass this target, then the remainder of this holiday we will deliver new activities for the Slum children, through our Butterfly members, who are also taking part in the run:

Francis Ssuuna (17) – founder of the Slum Run

Francis Ssuuna (17) has been the architect of the Slum Olympics and is responsible for the Slum Run idea.  It is his athletics club that has provided the runners for the Slum Run 2012 and Francis will also be running the 10,000m himself, so we are supporting him too.  Francis is still at school and because of a background of living in poverty, he has missed several years of schooling.  Francis will be working with Nancy Lakot to bring in girls into the Project Circulate during the remainder of this holiday period, as well as completing the Slum Olympics Programme.

Nancy Lakot (15) – working on girls’ empowerment

Nancy Lakot (15) is also running and, at the moment, is the only girl with the confidence to run in the Club.  Nancy has a lot of experience with developing confidence amongst Acholi girls and so she will be recruiting new athletics members into the running club.  Additionally, Nancy will work with the girls living in the slum, giving confidence-building activities, such as dance and music.  She has devised a programme with Francis for slum-based girls and we want the Slum Run to support these activities, if we can reach the primary target.

Joel Atube – teaching children’s rights, though art

Joel Atube (14) is running and is a young artist, who has developed a project to raise the awareness of children’s rights amongst children, by giving them the opportunity to paint the issues and fears which they feel strongly about.  Previous art has included “overbeating of children”, “alcholism of parents” and even the fear of “abduction and sacrifice”.  The Slum Run will support Joel in providing these art activities during this holiday period.  The idea is that it is fun, but also that it empowers children, who live in an area, where their rights are often abused.

Charles Obuk – Learning life skills through theatre

Charles Obuk (14) is working on drama as a means to communicate the dangers of society for children.  Charles is also running the 10,000m, but his main focus has been in developing strategies to become a useful social entrepreneur.  If we can support him through the Slum Run, Charles will be writing a plays on such subjects as “Running away from Home” and he will discuss with his group of young actors in the slum area about what the main things are that concern them and then produce a film of the play.

Peter Akena (13) – newspaper editor

Peter Akena (13) is an excellent runner and footballer, but his project is focused around producing news and putting it into a newspaper.  If we can support him through the Slum Run, we will produce a new issue of Acholi Quarter News, a newspaper which broadcasts the thoughts and concerns of children living in the slum district.  You can see his previous issues at Acholi Quarter News.

Each young Butterfly member costs £10 per week to support at the Chrysalis Centre.  After that, we have just their material costs, for instance art materials.  Supporting them costs approximately £200 for the work they do in the community, which empowers them to be leaders, but also provides activities for many local children in the community.

Our second target is thus £574 for the run.  If we achieve this, then we will put 50% of the remaining money into the Chrysalis Campus Fund, which is a new building to support children living in slums in Kampala, but also a training centre for children all over Uganda.  The other 50% will go into an Emergency Fund for slum-based children.

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If you would prefer not to use Paypal, then you can also send a cheque (in sterling) made payable to Social Enterprise Africa CIC, 31 Prince of Wales Lane, Birmingham, B14 4LB

In the Butterfly Project, money donated works very hard.  All monies go to Uganda, directly to the young people.

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