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Slum Run 2012 – Compilation video

Yesterday, 12th August, the day that Stephen Kiprotich won Uganda’s first athletics medal for 40 years and the first medal of the London 2012 Olympic Games, our runners set off on their Slum Run.  Here are a few compiled clips of action that took place yesterday.

Slum Run 2012 Compilation video

For the 2013 Slum Run, we are looking for partners who work with young athletes in slum areas around the world, so we can work together to raise the awareness of the conditions in which children and young people are growing up, but also the talent in sports, art, music and drama that abounds in these areas amongst young people, yet mostly remains untapped.

You can still donate to the kids who took part in the Slum Run 2012.  They are part of the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games, as the run came about because Francis Ssuuna, its founder, decided to develop a “Slum Olympics” in Kampala.

You can support Francis and the kids of the Acholi Quarter by donating to our new Campus and earning rewards at our new Indiegogo campaign.

More photos to follow…