Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Singing Women’s Rights, by Nancy aged 15

Nancy playing Ingenious – empowering Acholi girls

My Name is Nancy Lakot,  I am 15yrs old and one of the Butterfly North project.  As a young person, I aim to become a social entrepreneur and to have my project both in the village and in Kampala.

In the village I teach children how to play board games and advice for change so I teach them how to care for people living with  HIV/AID in the society  and in the community not only that I also being teach them about their right that each and every one  have right mostly girl  that am working with them .  In Kampala, I have one called MDD (Music and Dancing) because through singing and dancing I thought it might change the life of people living around Uganda because if they do not learn from what people are teaching about they can learn from singing.


1 .Women today have a right to own property. Women  had being denied a right to own property like in the village where I am from there are no women who are allowed to own land that why am working on this project  although am working with young people but they can take that information to their family, not only their family but the community too

2. Women have right to have free and equal  access  to information most men mistreat their  children at  home that why most don’t have any information about anything.  The father always say they should remain cooking to family not only girls but women that they need to have that right and they need to get equal information like men.

3. Women and girls have the equal right for education. Most people in the villages take issue of girl’s child and women right for education as simple issue.  They always take boys to school but leave girls at home to cook food for the young children who remain home that is why I want to put the ideas to the village for them to know that girls have the equal right as boys and women as men.

4. They have the equal responsibilities at home. Some men always leave most of the work at home to their wives while they will be drinking alcohol in the village. They always leave their wives to take care of the children, cooking, sometimes digging to produce the food crops to the children to feed on. Moreover, some also leave the women the responsibilities of building the shelter for the children in the village

5. Women have right over their body .they have to say what is right is right for their body and have right to say no for sex and yes for sex if they are ready .and to remain unborn body if she do not want it but need to think first what is best for her.

6. Women have a right to have family. Because most people do not considered their children not to have family they want them to stay which is not good if someone is big and he/she need family he/she have that right.

At the Chrysalis School we learnt about women’s rights and also women who are important around the world.  Also I learnt about rights of women being in the city.