Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Samuel Lubangakene

Samuel is 19 now and one of the Pioneer Butterflies, who is really very brilliant, with a compassion for others and organisational ability unmatched amongst our project members.

His first project was to highlight the lack of variety in school meals, when he worked on developing a calendar to go into schools, with art pieces he made using the staple school food of posho and beans.

Samuel is also an incredible artist and has produced many art pieces, which have been exhibited.  His biggest love, however, has been computing and he has used the medium of videogames to work on an array of incredible projects and ideas.  He calls it the “Chrysalis Mind Development Project” and its aim is to utilise existing and develop new videogames, to develop the cognitive and problem-solving abilities of children living in areas where there is little stimulation for them.

Samuel has also used boardgames this year and has started working with local church groups to encourage more of a culture of play and games in Uganda, where children love to play, yet are rarely given that opportunity.

While already 19, Samuel started school late and has just completed his O levels, at or near the top of the class every term.  He is also a volunteer staff member at the Chrysalis Centre, where he advocates for the youth members and liaises with local people, as needed.

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