Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Runaway Support Services

I am Alex Obeki I work with Chrysalis  as a Programme Manager South and I have been working for the last 7 years. In the past two years we developed a partnership with the local Police and we have been receiving run away children and children who can’t trace their homes from the police. The Centre hosts children brought by the local Police and as Chrysalis team we help the police to locate the missing children’s relatives or families and reconnect them back to their families.
In the last 17 months we have received 14 runaway children and one child who lost directions and we managed to reconnect them back to their people whom they felt comfortable living with except for one  child whose  father come back saying he had run away again. Most of the children we have received in an interview with them mention reasons why they chose to run away some of the common reasons mentioned are.
  • Mistreatment from biological and step parents in forms of beating, over working denying them food, denying them school education etc.
  • Some pick children from the villages and bring them to town to work for them as maids and on top they mistreat them beat them, refuse them to communicate to their families , some are even locked in the houses
  • Fear to be punished by parents or guardians if they  do something wrong  so they decide to run away
  • Some Children say they run away because they don’t go to school and find no reason why  they should stay at home while other children are going to school
As Chrysalis centre  for children we have reconnected children as  far as Kasese , Mubende, Kyojojo kazinga, Mukono, Jinja, Iganga, Soroti,Tororo and some areas of Kampala and ensured that they go to the right places of their choice. Also we host children from the surrounding local areas who have difficulties at home. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the small core fund support allocated to this cause.
Often we are given children to locate unexpectedly, so we are often put into a difficult situation in trying to locate and transport them to their home areas, without any specific funds to do this.
We Appeal to friends, well wishers and supporters to fund to this cause to enable us be in position solve issues of this nature.  If you can afford it, please donate to this special Runaways Fund