Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Philip Deweyi

Philip is still just 19 but has packed a lot into his teenage years.  He joined the project in 2009, when he was discovered as a prodigious footballing talent at Kampala Junior Team.  We knew Philip had wide-ranging talents then and he did not disappoint.

He formed his own football team in Kyebando, which is now running independently and then a drama club at the local church.

In 2013 Chrysalis and three other organisations became Ashoka Youth Venture Champions and Philip was chosen out of 1000 young people from 12-22 to be the Chair of the Ashoka Youth Venture Alumni, youth who had delivered a project and could coordinate strategies for youth action in East Africa.

Most recently, Philip has developed ideas for improving the lives of subsistence farmers and developing coffee sales in Uganda.  He still remains a committed footballer!