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My first Blog about Where I Live


Hello, My name is Joseph Otim and I am 14.  My brother Samuel is a member of the Butterfly Project and we both live in the Acholi Quarters, where we live with our father.  I have never written a blog before, so I thought I would just write about the place we live.

Acholi quarter is the slum that is in hilly area and it has very many people. This is not a good thing because it makes caring out proper sanitation difficult and as a result, there are high chances of getting diseases.  The worst thing is that they don’t have enough hospitals and they are charged too much money of which they cannot afford. That is why Acholi quarters have very many people suffering from different illnesses.

Most people in Acholi quarter do work in the stone quarry which is not good  because it is not a good source of income.  A person goes in the morning and comes back in the evening and that person comes home with only two (50p) or five thousand (£1.25) not enough for a day.  That is why people in Acholi quarters are not rich and it also means that they must work every day.   The stone quarry is not good place o work in because it can damage people’s bodies causing death easily.

Apart from working in the stone quarry, some people in Acholi quarters do some work like making chapattis.   This is not a bad job because is easy to set up., but the bad thing  is that it does not generate enough income.    Also, some people sell food.   They cook food in the day and sell it in the evening.

Houses in Acholi quarters are not built well because they are poorly planned. People just build their houses any how and as a result most people have no toilets and they dispose their waste in the rubbish pits and unfinished houses.  As a result disease can spread here.   Also they don’t have good builders, which means the houses can fall down.

Some parents in Acholi quarters drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol is a bad thing to do because it takes a lot of income which can result in family break up.   Some parents in Acholi quarters who take alcohol mostly don’t take care of their children and as a result their children end up picking scrap metals.  Metal picking is not a good work for the children because it makes the children to become thieves and they end up stealing their parents and neighbours’ saucepans and other metallic materials. Metal picking can also lead to getting some diseases became some children pick metal from the rubbish pit where there are a lot of germs.

Most children in Acholi quarters don’t go to school because they want to pick metals and others don’t go to school because their parents have no money.  Luckily some children are sponsored by an organisation.

Some parents in Acholi quarters do practice child abuse and one of them is child labour. Parents in Acholi quarters do practice child labour in the way that children are taken to stone quarry to work from the morning up to the evening without eating which is not good because it makes a child to end up in metal picking because he/she doesn’t work in the stone quarry.

Lastly Acholi quarters have no well constructed roads which is not good because it make transport difficult and road accidents can easily occur because of bad roads and as a result, there are few cars which pass from there.

I hope this helps you understand the place I live in.