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My name is Akena Reagan Peter.  I live in Kitgum district in northern part of Uganda but I am now based in Kampala. (Kireka, Kinawataka Road).  Before, I went to a good school in Pader, but I had to leave and live in a village with my aunt for my P7 schooling, because my Mum had to look after other children.  I am 13 years old and am studying at the  Chrysalis Senior School for Young Social Entrepreneurs in Senior One.  Chrysalis School is a unique school which helps to bring young gifted and talented people/Uganda youth from rural villages in Uganda.

Also we have the Chrysalis Centre, where we live.  It  has some interesting  activities on weekends for children and I wanted to tell you some of the things I most like, so maybe you get to know the sorts of things that village children like. We like DVDs a lot, as we don’t get to see them in the village very often because of lack of power and we watch educative and BBC films a lot, like the Blue Planet.  One of my favourite programmes are  Doctor Who and Merlin.

It is very boring in the village so we love touring as part of our activities. I have been to interesting places like, Garden City, Shoprite for shopping activities, the Source of the River Nile (where River Nile begins from jinja.), the Uganda Museum, the Ugandan National Theatre, Entebbe Zoo. etc.  but the Butterfly Project also does alot more than that.


If you want to see more of the photos, you can visit this link.!/media/albums/?id=639473981

At the Chrysalis School, they also teach us good interesting subjects like Problem-solving, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship.( Factor of production concerned with having creativity and innovation to generate bussiness ideas. this helps to starts our own small business when studying which will help in buying other things. some of the small projects are. Chicken for Change, liquid soap project, melon planting project.

Ethics.(this is concern with being with both sympathy and empathy ) it is helping us to be people who think for others.

Problem-solving (this is concerned with ways how you can solve a problem when it occurred) and this help us to solve problem in any situation we in.

My favourite movies

1. Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a BBC series from what I know.  This movie is really very good and I enjoy it when I am watching.  I like the way the Doctor(David Tennant) expresses himself when he is acting and there are so many things I like aboutthe  Doctor series and they include the level of tecnology. e.g the Daleks, Sontarans and  the sonic screw driver and others. The main thing I understand about this series is about “USING YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO HELP GET OTHERS OF DANGER”. and this true for all those who have watched it.   People like Rose (Billie Piper), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), Donna (Catherine Tate) which came alongside the Doctor. and if i was ask to choose one of those women, I don’t know yet who I would choose because all of them are good actresses. What about you, what if you are asked to choose between them who would you choose?  The episodes I like most are 1. The Last of the Time Lords, 2. The Sontarans and the Regumes, the doctors daughter.  I believe  you have also your favorites.

what have you like about doctor who? 


Merlin is also one of the DVDs we watch at the centre.   The main thing I like about Merlin is that the actors are good and where Merlin uses magic. This is also not different from the Doctor – both of them uses his strength to save other.   The actors I like in Merlin are Colin Morgan,  Morgana (Cate McGrath) and Arthur Pendragon. for those who have seen saw how it went.

We learn how to be social entrepreneurs in the Butterfly Project, so we can be like the Doctor and Merlin in the future.

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