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My Dream to be a Doctor Burns in Me – Peter, aged 14

My name is Akena Reagan Peter. A member of the Butterfly project ( Butterfly project is a project which empowers gifted and talented Ugandan youth.


It is a unique project because in Butterfly we do unique things like playing board games, Project management, touring nearby places in Kampala and getting expose to outside world, watching interesting movies like Doctor who, Merlin, harry porter, and other interesting movies, also going to important work shop and many more to mention but. And in sub group butterfly north). Am from Northern Uganda from a district known as Kitgum. I remember joining the butterfly project in 2010 after my P.L.E vacation. Not to go very far I am fourteen year old(14 years). I was born in 1998 in Kitgum my home place and as a child I always dream to be a doctor and I still have that dream burning in me still up to when am in senior. I started my senior studies in Chrysalis senior secondary school in Kampala Kireka under the sponsor of the butterfly project. Chrysalis school was a school which helps to train people to become change maker in their societies. But because of some technical and management and funding problem I went to Kitgum in northern Uganda for my senior two in 2012 and in 2013 am in senior three.

When I join Butterfly project at the age of 12 years in senior one at the chrysalis school, I came up with an idea to start my own project.

I first started with the project known as the AQ( Acholi quarter news project) an in this project it is like newspapers and I am the editor and I have my reporters in the place at year’s range of 10—14. This project was aimed to improve the ability of the children to interact the local community in their area of living.

And it was also aim create awareness to the children of what is happening in their local community. Also to improve of the English of the pupils and the way they talk to each other. And after editing we print it and distribute to the community.

Another project which I have just started is the I.C.T.( computer learning project) just this 2013 and in this project is aimed at:

Getting children to know about the use of computer because currently the advantage of learning how to use the computer is very helpful

Accessing them to the internet of the current situation so that they can find friends from overseas and they share experience of their countries


Children learning computer

That’s was all I can tell about myself, now let me go straight to the point.


Corruption and bribery

Child abuse

Infrastructural services.

For now I will talk about this three from my knowledge.


CORRUPTION is the misuse of public funds for some one’s own benefit and for the benefit of his/her family. Like if some foreign aids are sent from abroad and it is suppose to go to the community which the fund was to go to a person comes up and steal the money and only give half or little and sometimes he/she hide it all yet in reality that one is bad. Even before God that one is bad. Before you do something first put yourself in that person’s shoe you are affecting because what is meant for someone you take it away and use it to shoot your own interest. Wealth that you get from stealing doesn’t last too long, it fades away and God will judge for that.


1 .ANY person found to be corrupt must be jailed and his private property should be sold off incase he/she doesn’t recover the money stolen.

­­­—-you cannot solve corruption when you are corrupt too. It’s like a person trying to remove something from his fellow friend eyes yet he has left his so for us to solve corruption we should also stop corruption from down


Child abuse exploitation of children. There are many forms of child abuse, namely:

1. Child labor.

This is when a child lift loads heavier than his/her weight and this affect the growth of the child. I think this one we don’t need to say the government should do what but we should solve this ourselves by stopping any one that you have seen doing child labor

2. Corporal punishment

This is the giving of too much punishment to child which was not what he/she deserve in reality example, kaining / beating up the child with too many strokes at times a child of 8 years is beaten ten bad stroke and even at school teachers give corporal punishment to the children.( this things happens). How do we solve it? It’s you to solve this yourself when you see any one doing this.

3. Rape

This is abusing someone sexually by force without the person accepting and this may lead to UN wanted pregnancy and even contraction of un wanted STD’s or STI’s. How do we solve this? Girls should walk in group going and coming back from school.

4. Defilement

This is big person impregnate a small person of under age. The defiler should be jailed.

5. Early marriages

Early marriage is due to influence of the parent of that may be because of financial problem the parent are going through so they force the small girl or boy to get married usually among girls and they leave school early and going to their home they face a lot of problem even beatings from their husbands.

Enough teaching should be given to the parents usually in rural areas because they don’t know the value of education.

6. Child sacrifice

Child sacrifices when someone kidnaps a child and sacrifices it to the devil in order to get wealth in UN clean way. A person who fears God doesn’t do this.


MAINLY roads, there are pot holes in the roads and this are causers of accident in our country. The best way to solve this is obvious, filling the potholes

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