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Mentor Blog: Butterfly Members are Motivated, Dedicated and Persistent

From Dr Linda Nowakovski, Economist, Teacher and Butterfly Mentor

Dr Linda Nowakovski

For several years I have had the honor of mentoring a number of Butterfly students. I have been fortunate to be available and able to help in times of crisis (when one of the girls got malaria and needed medication and nutrition that her family could not afford, or when there wasn’t money to make it through the next month. I have also had the opportunity to help students set up a sophisticated Joomla based web site – young teens who were motivated and dedicated and persistent. These students have faced obstacles that most of the students I have taught over a more than 40 year teaching career would have collapsed under. They are knocked down, get up, and are ready to take on the next obstacle.

The Butterfly project has learned to find some of the most promising impoverished students and works to educate, encourage, and empower them to make change in their communities. They are educated to think and ask questions. They are encouraged to dream and act. They are empowered to make a difference in their communities, to help lift their communities out of dismal poverty. These differences can be agricultural, informational, cultural – they can be anything that crosses their minds to raise their neighbors and families self esteem and worth, to lift the confidence of people who have come to believe that they are worthless and will never rise out of their current conditions.

The building of the Chrysalis Campus would give the program stability and permanence. It would provide a center of growth for a program that has the potential of spreading around the world making the entire world a better place. As a caterpillar is wrapped in its chrysalis to enable its transformation into a spectacular butterfly, this Chrysalis center can provide the nurturing of these children as they are transformed into what Ghanaian economist Dr. George Ayittey refers to as Africa’s new Cheetahs (See George Ayittey on Cheetahs vs. Hippos).

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Linda is semi-retired and living in Dayton, Ohio in the US. She has a BS and MS in Chemistry and a PhD in Integral Development Studies. Her recent publications have been on studies of ethical, triple bottom line businesses in the US. She has been a professional teacher since 1970 and has taught students from 2-60 everything from cooking and quilting to English, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Buddhist Economics in four countries on three continents. She currently sits on the SEA Advisory Committee.