Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Me and My Runners

This is me taking part in an official Ugandan Kids Athletics event

I am called Ssuuna Francis the Manager of the Circulate Project, Chrysalis Centre.  I am now 17 years old.

I’m interested in catching up with the rest of the world that’s why I came up with a plan for the Olympic games at the Chrysalis Centre with my group in this period of the London Olympics.My group is called the Circulate project and it has been running smoothly for 18 months, it is mainly to develop young runners of Uganda.
Two of our members have run below 8:30s for 3,000m and another ran around 2:10s for 800m.  Others run just for fun when I train them every weekend.  These boys knew they could run, before our project, but they have gained a lot of confidence by knowing they are the best in our group.
The members are very prepared to participate in the running and are given letters to write on their names, age etc and the signature of their parents.
We have 12 members registered so far, but we expect there to be about 30 runners, including some girls when we run in August around our 2km circuit.
I think the running will be going smoothly because the members a good and well trained so, they will be knowing what to do. In theProject  Circulate we have no girls but this time we are trying put some girls to also participate with the boys in the run.
This type of running will encourage  the members to keep running and to know how best they are on the world level.
If you want to tweet about us use the hash tag #slumrun2012

Some of my runners – Peter, Achileo, James, Ivan and William