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I live in this slum – Samuel, aged 15

Samuel Lubangakene, aged 15

I am by the name Lubangakene Samuel of age 15 from the Butterfly project.The member of the Butterfly Pioneer.I live in the Acholi Quarter.Life in Acholi Quarter is the kind of life which can change every day.  I came to Acholi Quarter in 2011 and the life which is there is difficult.

The life in Acholi Quarter is seriously difficult and the challenges which the people are facing are;

1)Lack of proper concentration on Studies

Children transporting stones

-The children are taken by their parents to quarry stone in order to get money.

-Lack of quiet place due to the noise of the music that makes the child not to concentrate.

-Less electric power supply and that gives children hard time to read their books.

2)Poor sanitation

-Lack of proper water drainage that is to say used-up water remains

These rubbish-filled channels run all over the slum

stagnant .

-Many people use one latrine which makes it easy for the diseases to spread since latrines are dirty.

-Lack of a proper clean water source for the people of Acholi quarter is a health hazard.

-People are over crowded and this makes people to lack enough land for the settlement and hence no space for latrines.

3) Lack of proper job.

-People are not having proper jobs and that makes many people resort to theft.

Small business in the Acholi quarter – beads

-The common job of the people in the Acholi Quarter is the stone quarrying falling soil leaving many children orphaned.

-The people are not having enough money due to their participation in small money generating businesses such as vegetables,charcoals and beads selling.

4)Lack of proper close medical facilities

-People are lacking enough medical facilities which make children to get sick and that increases the chances of disease outbreak.The medical facilities which are there,there are no enough medicine.

Most local doctors are not qualified

5)Child abuse and neglect

-Many children resort to scrap collecting and that makes them to start stealing people’s saucepan for selling so that they can get money for food.

-Children are forced to go to the stone quarry and that makes them miss school or drop out of school.

-Parents take the children’s money which they have collected from selling scrap and they use it to take alcohol.

-Parents don’t provide their children with necessary materials required at schools such as books,pens,uniform and food.

After boiling, we have to drink and wash in this water

6)Lack of proper water source

People of Acholi Quarter are lacking proper water source because  the tap water which they have is not safe and that mean they will get diseases.

They pour water which stagnant hence a breeding place for mosquito which cause malaria to people.

Poor maintenance to water source which result into breeding place for germs.

 We know this place is not a place for children to grow up, so why are we forced to be here?