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How to Make Turkey without Using an Oven

On Christmas Day Butterfly members at the Chrysalis Centre cooked a turkey dinner for children who were unlikely to receive anything special for their Christmas lunch, living in the Acholi Quarter.  We ran into problems, having a huge bird and no oven to cook it in….

By Byamugisha Gilbert, aged 17

You see turkey is one huge chicken and its meat is very hard and so it will take some time to boil and get ready.

Here at the centre we keep learning and experiencing new things and this time it was to have a Christmas dinner. To prepare this we needed roasted or baked turkey and yet we have not oven at the centre, we also didn’t find any at the nearby restaurants to borrow or rent and yet we already bought the turkey and now it was time to find a solution as a young chef, and Margret herself and so we decided to prepare it in the following ways and it was crispy and also juicy believe me it was.

  1. You need to cut the turkey in the pieces according to the number of people  that are attending the dinner and maybe an extra or two for anyone shows up an expectedly.
  2. Then put the pieces in a sauce pan that can take all of the pieces in it, and add water and then chop some onions garlic, basil and then add in some salt and pepper too.
  3. Put it on fire and leave it to cook for three good hours, and then put it off fire to cool.
  4. As it cools get a big bowl, pour half a kilogram of wheat flour in and have 8 eggs beaten in the wheat and then a small cup of milk and water stir till solution is not thick, if not then add in another cup of milk or water and then add in some curry powder in the wheat, maybe some vegetable curry.
  5. After that prepare a frying pan with some oil in it for a deep fry.
  6. Then dip the pieces in the already prepared wheat and then deep fry them and make sure there is enough fire and that the oil is ready the time you start the deep frying.

And here is how it will look like when it’s ready

Already fried turkey

Already fried turkey

We also cooked a series of other things – bread balls, which were like a mixture of stuffing and bread sauce, and a range of green vegetables.

Turkey Table

The whole turkey table

It is very important to serve the bread balls with turkey on the dinner, and to make these bread balls you mix beaten eggs, sage or maybe any other herb you may wish to use in your meal, milk and then some bay leaf, in bread crumbs then stir and make sure it thick enough to make balls and once these are made they are dipped in beaten eggs and then deep fry and also have some veggies to go with it like some fresh beans on the topmost right, then some cabbage and fried eggs and some pancakes and chapatti, the bottom left, and some food – we have some fried rice the food at the right side of our side. Having all these makes it a whole dinner.