Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

How to Make a Butterfly – the Ten Tenets

The Butterfly Project members that join us need a lot of guidance in the early days.  In time the Ten Tenets will just be one of many sets of guiding principles that they use to fit individual situations, but thse have been checked to prompt early thinking about the lives of the young people, to inspire them to improve in areas traditionally poor for young African people, due to circumstance and to raise a fw new issues, such as “professionalism”, which needs defining for them and which young people are not expected yet to be.

Our plan is that Butterfly members will have careers as changemakers and these tenets will help them achieve this, by assisting with their decisionmaking, inspiring them to do better and lastly to keep them together as a reliable group that others feel they can depend on.

  • Honesty
  • Concern for others, not just friends and family
  • Equality – beggars to presidents
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Passion to do good
  • Responsible for ourselves and our environment
  • Professional
  • Productive and Punctual
  • Think ahead
  • Set high but achievable goals

In time we will ask a few of the Butterfly members to choose one of the tenets and discuss why it is important to them.

For now, this is where we think the Butterflies may fly…

Where might the Butterflies fly?

If you would like to help them achieve their chosen changemaker careers, then click through to the Chrysalis Campus Appeal