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Help me plant more trees in Uganda – Manisuli (15)

Manisuli at the Chrysalis Centre

I am Manisuli Miyingo, a member of the Butterfly Project and Chrysalis panel. I’ve been a member  since 2009, which has helped to get experience in many things like computing, problems solving etc. The experience I got I’ve managed to start my own project(s). I have almost 2 projects so far, one is the computer training project, which trains computer t kids in Nansana, and this could help them to reach their full potential in the future. It could also help to stop unemployment & poverty in Uganda as  nowadays that one to get a useful job, he/she must be having some experience in computing.

Another project is the eucalyptus project; this project was started by me in 2009. This project plants eucalyptus trees and sells them when they are ready and the money got from the trees is used to help the kids who work in the scrap collecting industry to go back to schools as it is that schools in that area are for the government there is no need of paying school fees, so we just buy the school requirements for them and even paying lunch for them at school so that they don’t go back in collecting scraps to get money for buying food for themselves.  We have so far helped 42 kids and we would like to help like more than 100 of them.  As this project was starting, it started with 200 trees but as it went on, it reached a huge number of 2000. So we sold 1042 of them.

But at the beginning of May, we got a big problem, someone unknown came in the night of 3rd May and cut down all the trees which had remained and there wasn’t any single tree remained standing and even he took them, kids went there in the morning to check on the trees, they just found the marks of the wheels of the car.   The 2nd term is about to end and the 3rd term starts. Is this means that they will not go back to school? No, the kids have to go on with their studies. Am  requesting on behalf of the kids, if there is anyone who feels can  help us and give some money so that we can buy trees, please we are requesting go on, help the kids.

We’ve got someone who says that he can sell to us 2042 trees which are ready to be sold Shs250, 000 (£65). If we get this money and we buy the trees, we can get profits which can help in buying and planting more trees.  In three years we can grow the saplings to become new trees and sell them at a profit of Shs6m (£1,500).  This money would be enough to support 40 children into school for three years and would allow us enough money to continue to plant 2000 new trees each year, to enable us to continue into the future.

I plan to plant the trees nearby to the house, so the risk of theft is reduced in future.

Let’s co-operate and we fight against illiteracy in Uganda.



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