Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Good Things are Done in an Open and Light Place – Nyeko Zisite, aged 15

I want to be a social co-ordinative entrepreneur, who improves on the lives of people all over the world through encouraging agriculture and co-operative society business to fund children into school, which will overcome illiteracy and poverty (a changemaker).

I will also be the doctor and talks with the Ministry of Health to open up hospitals in undeveloped areas and the play a role in assisting to overcome the outbreak of unknown diseases and help to reduce the death rate of people in rural areas.  Disease is the main thing in reducing on the level of African technology because skilled people are the ones dying.

A politician, an activist, a problem-solver in Uganda because I want to bring change to my country and also other worldwide countries, so as to see the ways to overcome corruption and use this to plan their development.

Before I also go further, I will also open up a business project to support the children who are not going to school and also the orphans who cannot support themselves, training them in the same way as I was trained.  This means also training them how to start their own social project, as I was trained in the Butterfly Project, so they have deep-thinking capacity.

I am Nyeko Zisite and I have achieved social knowledge of how to overcome problems in the world .  I will bring light where there is barbarism and darkness and want to spread light all over Africa, because good things are done in an open and light place.

I’m 15 and these are the plans I will be following dynamically.