Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Gilbert Byamugisha

Gilbert joined the project in 2009, aged about 13 and has shown himself to be incredibly talented in the performing arts over the last 7-8 years.

His skills in choreography helped him develop projects amongst the kids in the Acholi Quarter in his early time on the project, where he created opportunities for them to perform at the highest level, developing some of their talents too.

More recently, Gilbert has become Vice Chair of the Ashoka Youth Venture Alumni, representing young changemakers throughout Uganda.

He has a specific interest in children’s talent development, but also in finding ways to prevent negative cultural practices, such as early marriage, born from a realisation that some of the girls that he had trained in dance were now married at 14 or 15 and one had died in childbirth.

He started a fruit juice business late last year, which was developing unique new flavours and this business is starting to flourish.  He’s also been performing as a singer and dancer at functions and events in Kampala.  His expertise in choreography continually keeps him busy and he recently partnered with Eunice Namugerwa, also a Butterfly, in forming a dance group, which performs in music videos.

Gilbert is also a chef and has been providing international food for functions around Kampala and hopes to open his own restaurant in 2017.