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Food variety is important for children, even though they live in poverty by Samuel (16)

My name is Lubangakene Samuel and I am one of the Butterfly Pioneer group members.  I have a passion for and ability in art and athletics, especially swimming and running and I like to use this passion to create positive change in my community and the world at large and this led to me starting up a project which we have called the “Posho and Beans Campaign”.

IMG_1129The main objective for this project has been to try to encourage change in school meals and give children the chance to try different types of food, e.g. Chinese, Japanese and Indian food.  And we also want to prevent diseases of malnutrition through children having a balanced diet.

The project has had some success and I was able to bring about changed meals in my current school.  I was even able to help children from the slum try other types of food, especially Chinese food, cooked by me and another member of the project.


I have also been using art to support the project and the plan for the project is to produce calendars, which will be sold and will help publicise the need for food variety in schools.  I plan to use the money from sales for a new project, which is about computer training and Play Station.

Most children in Uganda play fighting or sport games on the computer, but I am going to show them creative and puzzle games, which will help children to improve on their thinking and problem-solving skills.  We have just started this in the last week.