Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Eunice Namugerwa

Eueunice1nice has had a passion for helping children since we first met her in 2009.  She brought with her a beautiful art portfolio and a vision for developing an orphanage for street children in the area she grew up in – Kisenyi, one of Kampala’s most notorious slum districts.

Eunice was very clever and had been promoted through the classes, despite a constant problem paying school fees, but we were able to find her a sponsor, which helped bring a stability in her education, which allowed her to flourish.

She was given a scholarship at Kampala Music School for her musical ability and has raced through the grades, learning the flute.  She is also an excellent singer and dancer and she brought this into action by developing a project for children, which taught them music and dance.  This project was featured in a magazine in Birmingham (UK), to inspire youth to follow her example about delivering social change.

Eunice moved her project forward entirely without support, rehearsing the children for performances she arranged for them but then she moved out of Kisenyi and started to think more broadly about how she could impact other youth and started to develop a programme for girls in empowerment.  She took ideas to Tanzania in 2014 and helped with a children’s project there.

In 2015 she won a national award with Ambition Mission, which was for young people with a vision for Uganda, when she shared her desire for empowering girls in communities.  Eunice wants to start up a platform for girls where they can share their challenges with others and are given advice on how to overcome them and to stand up for their rights.

In 2016, she started up the Chrysalis Music Family, a training project designed to give children a chance to learn how to since and dance and perform in professional situations.  At the same time, she formed a dance group, know as God’s Blessed Dance Crew which has performed many professional engagements and featured on music videos.

In 2017, she plans to expand the Chrysalis Music Family and increase their training and professional engagements.