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My name is Ssuuna Francis.  I am a member of the Butterfly Project Pioneer group and I am aged 16.  This is my second blog – you can read the first one here.  I said change was coming in Uganda and I talked about some things I was doing, but I did not explain how I thought change would happen and so this is my reason for writing this post.  I have changed since I joined this project and below are some pictures of me that were taken before and just after I was picked for the project.  At the bottom are some pictures of me recently.  I have developed this idea for a project to develop the vision of children in the village, as I want them to be able to develop like I have.

This is me the day I was spotted at my school in Kawungu - I knew very little.

This was a few months later. I might look confident, but this was my first time on a computer

—Vision for Uganda is a project for young people of Uganda.
—It will be a project that helps the young people develop their aspirations and what they are good at.
—It is a project to develop young leaders of Uganda.
—It is a project to develop young change makers of Uganda
—It is a project to develop the thinking skills of young people.
—It will also involve ICT  in order to widen the minds of young people.
—It will be a project to help young people know their problems and how to  overcome them.(problem solving )
—This project will help young people share ideas and develop small projects for their Community.
—Members will be doing sports  which will help them develop their talents and fitness


To  develop young children who know their future vision.
To develop young people who are very good in Information and Communications Technology.(ICT)
To help young people to develop on their problem solving skills.
To develop selfless young people.
—To help young people develop on their thinking skills and mental work.
—To help young people know their role and their rights in an environment
—To Develop young change makers.
—To develop creative young people.


—Improvement on ICT.
—Having good leaders in the future.
—Project creation because members will learn how to set up their own projects.
—Reducing of poverty and ignorance in people from the villages.
—Selfless members.
—Creative members.

—This project will produce people who are having great thinking skills.
—Many people will get to know a bout their vision around Uganda and  the entire world.
—Positive change will be made by the members in there community.
—Members will teach other people  about vision and a bout making change.(community development)
We will make sport clubs, for example Running teams, football teams basketball team board game team.Computer games team.
—Visiting places which are already developed in odder to develop ours.(Katende Harambe and the Fish Farm in Jinja.)
—Visiting places which are not yet developed and see how we can solve the problems  facing those places.
—Forming projects which  will earn us some money for project development.(Chicken for Change.)
Every member will be given a Certificate from the projects. (According to what he or she has done)
Buying some computers for ICT.
Getting Mentors for the members.
Supporting small projects started by the members of the project.
Visiting mass media place like radios ,TV stations in odder to share what we are doing  with many people around the word.
We will try to put young people’s visions in news papers.
—it will be mostly focusing on  village young people and those who are living in the slums  areas around Uganda.
—In this project members  will join by interviewing them.
—As this project develop, it will have 20 members in each area, those, will be 10 boys and 10 girls. But I will start with 10 members in the areas which I will manage to reach the project.
—In this project I will try to co-operate  with  old people to help me to run the system very well.
—This project will be allowing the members aged from 9-17 from lower classes.
—This project will not be for school sponsorship but it will just be helping in terms of vision and ideas.
—As the project develop young people will be visiting different place and describe the problems the area has got and how to solve them.

I returned to my school in 2011 and I started up a new running club there, like the one I have in Kireka

You can support this programme at the Social Entrepreneurship site Start Some Good.
I have also written a blog a bout all my projects and here is the link. my email.
 some photos of my project on facebook.P roject Circulate 
you can also find me on Facebook-Francis Ssuna
Thanks for reading I appreciate your attention.
Thanks to the Butterfly project my founder.

My feature in the Razor newspaper this year