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Corporal Punishment – There is absolutely no way we can forget

The second in our series, from Gilbert Byamugisha (17)

Almost every child in Uganda, has gone through rough punishments in life, and these most of the times come our way in schools that we attend. Some punishments or rather most of the punishments are not punishments just but corporal punishments and these most of the cause permanent damage on young people and we never forget even if there are no marks like scars but something that is worse and all the anger towards it is at heart, and there is absolutely no way we can forget about them.


For 4 good year s now, I  have not experienced any of these corporal punishments but I definitely did while I was still primary school, just one mistake done could get one a punishment of their life time. I remember one of the worst I ever suffered is when I was caught borrowing a pen form a fellow student and this head teacher comes in and says ‘’you two are making noise get out!’’.  And in just about no time, I was forced to do something that I had never imagined to do in my life ever, to crawl on my knees on a rough ground with lots of stones other sharp objects both my  knees got wounded and not just the crawling we were given 4 bricks to carry up in the air with my our hands, yes it wasn’t just me, the whole thing was painful and I have and always will look at it as one of the worst punishments I ever suffered because I wept through it all.

It’s just about being really sensitive and also knowing the right thing to do when a student misbehaves the right punishments to give them, we don’t really want to hurt them, but teach them a lesson that they’ll learn from and not do whatever they have done  ever again, so let’s get real and force violence out of lives am sure it’s not a gene people are born with!

One thought on “Corporal Punishment – There is absolutely no way we can forget

  1. Kasule

    Absolutely Gilbert. It is great to see that you are growing into a man who is forming his own values and not blindly taking on the brutal behaviour of some of the adults that you have seen. The Butterfly Project is clearly giving you the space to grow your own wings.