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Chrysalis Campus Campaign Launched Today

This year is a special year for the Butterfly Project.  We’ve proved our point.  Young people living in slums and remote rural areas can learn very quickly to be social entrepreneurs.  Every member of our project has now delivered a social project, some have delivered several.

Here’s some of the highlights of 2012:

Francis Ssuuna raises £1000 through his Slum Run campaign, providing support into school for 17 children, a 300,000sh (£80) Emergency Fund for children living in slums and £250 towards our Chrysalis Campus.

Eunice Namugerwa has her project featured on the front cover of “Update” a magazine for voluntary action in the UK.  This is Eunice’s third concurrent project that she has been working on, including a choir for girls, an art project for and now a dance project for small children.

Mercy Moro was nominated last week to be the Face for Youth against HIV/AIDS by New Vision media Group.  Mercy has been running a project for girls in the Acholi Quarter slum, raising their awareness of STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Last night Byamugisha Gilbert was featured on the programme “This is Kampala”, for his work in supporting children in Kampala slum areas.  Gilbert teaches children how to paint, but he has been running fashion shows for girls and also has taken his traditional and contemporary dance groups to the National Theatre.

There are many more stories – just explore this blog – and currently there are twenty young people on the Butterfly Project, each with a story to tell about their project.

But in 2013 our project must find a new place to be based, as our current place is being taken back by its owner.  We’ve been supported by Birmingham architects APEC, who have designed us a self-sustaining campus, which requires no electricity and no water, other than that provided by rain and sun.  We believe this campus can be situated anywhere in Africa, but this first one will be located in Kampala.

We want people to be very excited about our project and what impact it can have on the world, as we support the development of more and more young social entrepreneurs, so we’ve devised a range of rewards for supporting us, which you will be able to use and remember for years to come.

Sorry that this is a teaser, but we want to encourage you to go to our Indiegogo campaign, where all the rewards are detailed.  However, as a taster, you could have a talented artist in Kampala draw your Facebook portrait and then mail it to you, as a thank you for supporting us.

Alex sent us a Facebook picture and we replied by sending his portrait back

Lastly, if you’ve never supported anything before, then the Butterfly Project is a great place to start.  You don’t pay for huge charity salaries, your money multiplies itself many times over, as by supporting these young people in their community work, then you are helping thousands impacted by what they do.  Supporting our Campus is ten times cheaper than buying an equivalent building in the UK or USA.  Maintaining it thereafter is 20 times cheaper, as people are demanding much lower salaries and we work with many volunteers.

You believe that Africa should help itself?  Well this is the sure way to kickstart this approach – training corruption-free youth, with energy, creativity and problem-solving ability will create a new environment in Africa, where talent can flourish and capability recognised.  Then they won’t need us any more, as Uganda will be a new country of opportunity, a product of its own excitement for life, not some agenda of a foreign power.  However, if no one supports this first process of giving opportunity to the young people that want to make a difference, then this self sustainability will take a long time in coming and aid will continue for many decades to come!

This is your chance to be a Pioneer and join the worldwide supporters of the Butterfly Project – training young social entrepreneurs – so please click through to our campaign to find out more!

+++CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED+++You can still donate at this link