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My name is Kayondo Martin,a member of the Butterfly project.   I am 16 and live in Uganda, Lyantonde. I go to school at St.Gonzaga’s SS Kijjukizo, Lyantonde town.  I joined the Butterfly project in 2009.  In this time, I have managed to develop plans of projects through which life in Uganda can be changed.  These projects include:  The melon project, the computer repair opportunity and the Chicken for change project. The brief notes about the projects are below.


I am the manager of the melon project, Western Uganda, though it is not the only place where the project works.The project works in both Northern uganda ad Western Uganda.The main type of melons grown is the Sugar Baby water melons.  This started in May 2011 and we think our lives can be changed through this.  We can grow melons, and when they are ready, we transport them to the capital of the country for market.  Then the money got out of the sales can be used for education (of some of us at Chysalis school) and development of the Butterfly project and our other enterprises.


This project was planned in 2010 and implemented this year.   It is aimed at rearing layers at the Chrysalis Centre.  Many children are involved mostly those that stay in Acholi Quarters where the Centre is based  .The project will be selling hens,chicks and eggs.  The major aim of the project is to change the lives of the chldren the area who work in quarries to earn a living.  Because the quarry is very dangerous, then we decided to set this up for them to leave it and what they would have got from there can be got through selling the products of the project, hence changing their lives.


In Uganda, many people are facing problems with their machines(computer) but it is very expensive and repair is rare because there are a few people who are trained to repair computers.   Now we are taking this opportunity to learn how to repair these computers so that we can save the society and earn a living in our lives too.   An example is, where I live, there are many people with computer, one cafe and maybe some two computer centre where training of how to use computers is found.   But to my surprise, there is no one who can repair a computer once it breaks.  The only option is taking it ether to Masaka or Kampala.  When I learn cmputer repair,  I can solve this problem in the district and earn something myself, as I move into Senior 5.  I deally I would like to learn computer repair on-line – can anyone help me?

All of us in the Butterfly Project are helping to support the development of the Chrysalis School, as we know that social enterprise is going to help us change Uganda for the better.

You can support this programme at the Social Entrepreneurship site Indiegogo.


  1. ceris62

    Great article Martin, and great projects too. Just today I have heard from a 14yr old orphaned friend in Kisenyi who asks for small business ideas to support his sick grandmother and several younger sisters, I will share this post with him and maybe he can connect with one of your projects?