Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Campaign Reward: Peacock

Some of the artists painting butterflies

Children at the Chrysalis Centre love to paint and in 2009 we were approached by the Kushinda organisation to participate in a project which would create some art pieces, which the world had not seen before.  “Imagine us Here” was designed to provoke a response from people around the world, who could now start to see the conditions that children lived in slum districts through their art.  The work produced was to be exhibited at the Bayimba Arts Festival and some of the most memorable pieces of artwork were produced by talented teenage artists during this project.

Those artists are still together and drawing and painting at the Chrysalis Centre and in 2011 we asked them to produce some special Butterfly pieces, that we could perhaps use to decorate our Chrysalis Centre.

Today, you can acquire a high resolution copy of one of these art pieces for your own personal use, just by supporting our Indiegogo Campaign.  For just $10, you will be supporting the building of a permanent site where slum-based and remote rural children in Uganda can learn how to develop talents, whatever they may be and you will be receiving your very own high resolution Butterfly through the email.  Most of the images are 1920 x 1080, though some are larger.

Here are the options:

Butterfly1 – Gilbert (14)

Butterfly2 – Joel (13)

Butterfly3 – Samuel (14)

Butterfly4 – Joel (13)

Butterfly5 – Gilbert (15)

Butterfly6 – Oswaldo (12)

Butterfly7 – Peter (12)

Butterfly8 – Ojepan (12)

Butterfly9 – Simon Peter (12)

Butterfly10 – Joseph (17)

When you have donated at Indiegogo then mail me your choice at and you will receive your high resolution butterfly by return.