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Butterfly Teenage Social Entrepreneurs in Uganda meet Colby Social Enterprise Graduate


Gilbert at Hotel Serena

By Byamugisha Gilbert, aged 16

We recently have had someone visiting the Chrysalis Centre more than once now, called Toni Tsvetanova, and she is on a research for social entrepreneurial projects or organizations all around the world learning about what they are doing or even sometimes volunteering to take part in the activities. She is a youth just like us though she is in her twenties but she also grew up in a slum and lived a disadvantaged life just like most of us on the project, but for the case of her country, education is free unlike for us here in Uganda.

Toni is one very passionate young lady about being a social entrepreneur and I think this actually explains her reason for doing the research and I think she’s definitely going to succeed in this. I must say on the first session we had with Toni, I think she was really surprised to know that each one of us on the butterfly project already are running an own project and actually from very far distances like for example me who is running a Music project in Luwero yet I stay in Kampala.

Toni running a session on microfinance at the Butterfly Project, Kampala

Toni has run a couple of sessions with us as the Butterflies and I believe  we have learnt from her a great deal, she has shared with us her knowledge that she learn’t on how to manage and get to sustain our own projects in order to achieve our biggest goal to bring about change in our areas and in order to do this she has taught us on how to use the internet which  we actually have at the sight almost every day like to ask for grants, finding partner s to support and fund our projects.

On Toni’s second visit she also taught us about acquiring for a micro finance bank loan which we probably can’t apply for now because we aren’t the right ages yet but I learnt a lot from this and so did the other Butterflies ideally this is one alternative to find funding for our projects.

Toni has helped me get a clear understanding on how to come up with clear strategies on how to help solve and overcome some of the challenges our particular projects face.  She is a free young lady and fun to talk to because she is a good listener and I think she likes music and dance, as we had a good time after the session on her first visit and it was such a great time with her and the Acholi quarter kids and the others.

I believe Toni has learnt a lot from the all of us and all that we do and I know that with all the information and experiences she is carrying out, I think she’ll be able to achieve what she is aiming at in life which is becoming a young social entrepreneur just like we the Butterflies.

A Dance Session we did in the Acholi Quarter


4 thoughts on “Butterfly Teenage Social Entrepreneurs in Uganda meet Colby Social Enterprise Graduate

  1. derek debru

    Great Initiative, keep going and empower these bright minds! Please come to visit us in Jinja, last year some of our students decided to start their own restaurant so that they could practice what they learned in the catering school… On Monday we open our restaurant, and I know our students would be very pleased if you could visit us.



  2. Toni

    Gilbert, thank you for such a wonderful article! It was a great pleasure to work with all of you – such young and bright people who have great potential to become successful social entrepreneurs!
    Derek, wonderful initiative! Hopefully you can cooperate with the Butterfly Project. I just left Uganda but I will follow your development. Good luck with the opening of the restaurant!

  3. Roger Hamilton

    Bringing in the Youth into the game is a great idea, and getting them familiar with Social Entrepreneurship is the key to winning the game in the future. Kudos! Keep up the great work.