Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Boardgame Donations

If you would like to support us by donating some boardgames, then here is some information about what we need and we will keep this page updated, so it contains all of the up to date information.

We work mostly with children in Uganda aged 8-18, but their interests are broad.  In particular, though we are looking for:

  1. Dexterity games – we have very few of these and see them as an excellent gateway option
  2. Language-independent games – most Ugandan youth know how to speak English, but not all have good English skills, especially in the village area
  3. Science fiction and fantasy games – our older group particularly like these
  4. Roleplaying and story-driven games, though we have sufficient RPG material for now
  5. Games with specific universal themes, like art, music, commerce, travel
  6. Dice games
  7. Small card games, as they are easy to transport
  8. Games which work with a lot of players

Games to avoid would be:

  • Word games, which require command of English
  • Quiz games
  • DVD games or those that need an app to work properly
  • Games designed mainly for adults or those which require a lot of international knowledge

We are prepared to ship donated games, but would be grateful if you could send them to our UK contact:

Andrew Jinman, InGameUK, Unit 6 Knighton Hill Business Centre, Knighton Road, Wembury, DEVON, PL9 0EB – Please mark these clearly for CYEN or “Gamechangers”

If you would prefer to support the shipping of games to Uganda, then you can donate through this link.