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Art in Primary Schools is Important, by Gilbert, aged 16

Oswaldo’s (12) imaginary village scene

Byamugisha Gilbert

I practice art in my daily life and it has contributed a lot to my life’s well being. I  offer art in senior school and it’s one of my top subjects in class and am contented with that. Art is actually very interesting; it’s a talent but can also be taught and this actually makes it interesting too and it also helps the artists settle and relax their minds which is good for everyone.

Apparently in Uganda and perhaps to some other countries in Africa art is not taught in primary section so it isn’t done by the students and that makes me think that they miss a lot. I believe art is important to be done in primary level as it helps the young people with a lot like giving them a chance to expose what they feel on the inside. Many young people in primary levels are facing injustices and mistreatments and abuses of their rights but because not all of them have the confidence to shout it all out loud but I believe they would be given a chance to expose what they feel if art is introduced in primary schools and in so they get helped which brings about a positive change in their lives.

Shows father drinking alcohol, while kids starve

I think people should look at art as a means of looking for a better way in life because if art is brought up in primary school it would be easy to give the young people a chance to live a better life and also develop their talent of art which could determine their future. Art in primary school would en-light the future of some of those young children thatwould not be hoping to go up to secondary level as they’d use the knowledge they’ve got from school to start making some interesting pieces in order to earn a living instead of stealing or getting married at tender ages especially our dear sisters.

It’s very important that art is introduced in primary schools as it will help students  to understand what they are learning even better and then even when they join High school they have some knowledge about art and not so left behind.

Primary school boy, Ojepan, paints portrait

President Museveny, by a Primary school art student, aged 12

One of Ojepan’s paintings of the village he used to live in