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An Open Letter to those who Care about Children Working in Stone Quarries

Dear All,
I am happy to announce that on 13Th/October/2013. The Slum Run is going to be taking place. The slum Run is the biggest Campaign in my project named “The Circulate Project”.
It deals with deprived, disadvantaged Slum Children who live near the Butterfly project Head quarters in the place called the Acholi Quarters.  The reason why these kids are so disadvantaged is because their parents came from Northern Uganda running away from Kony who killed many of their relatives. Thus this affected their parents negatively because –In this place they lacked Jobs, accommodation and proper food for their children . This has  resulted into a series of problems, but the major ones are Poverty, Poor Education and Malnutrition diseases more especially in young children also resulting into Child Mortality.
The Young Kids are entitled to work in the Stone Quarry by their parents which I strongly disagree with as a change maker  because this abuses their Rights as children but who else cares this is where they get what to eat and their requirements for school. So if they don’t work in the quarry No school and No food. A few months a go one of my  magnificent Runners Died because he was hit by the stone on his head when he was mining.
Some of the kids from the quarry, who are also running in the Slum Run 2013

Some of the kids from the quarry, who are also running in the Slum Run 2013

So as a changemaker I am  deeply attached with these kids problems and that’s why I trying out solutions so that I can make them have a better life.  Because I know that change starts with me and If I am not the one to stand out for my problems then who will.
The slum running campaign was purely formed to prevent these kids from working in the stone Quarry.By helping them get school requirements, good food and clothing  when they run. I do this by raising a sum of money though sponsorship and right now I am in urgent need, looking for sponsors, who wishes to sponsor these kids for this ” Second Year annual Slum Run Campaign”.
If you can help us by sponsoring or helping find sponsors by sharing my letter, then I would appreciate.
All the best,
Francis Ssuuna (18)
Butterfly Pioneer
Founder, Slum Run and Project Circulate